getaway to sedona

Wow, isn't it amazing that in just under two hours you can escape up to Sedona from the valley?! This is something Sam and I rarely take advantage of and want to start doing more often.

We spontaneously decided to book an Airbnb the week before Memorial Weekend and have a little getaway. What really sold us was that our Airbnb only cost $75 a night! Like what?! Count me in. SO much cheaper than any of the hotels up there and it was amazing! I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone interested in staying a night or two in can check it out here.

We left after church on Sunday with no agenda aside from making a stop at my favorite local winery, Page Springs Cellars. We were going to Uber from our AirBnb but realized it's kind of in the middle of nowhere...literally it's in a town called Anyways, I would highly recommend house cheese board and the T & A brick fired pizza. I usually don't eat gluten or dairy but omggggg I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that pizza was! #worthit We obviously did a wine tasting flight and left with a bottle to explore the grounds. 

So if you've been to Sedona, I'm sure you've seen the colony of pink jeeps everywhere you turn. This was Sam's first time up there so we decided last minute to grab the last two spots on the sunset Pink Jeep Tour. We had the BEST time! Our driver was incredible, so knowledgable, funny AND a secret professional photographer!! Not really but the photo's he took were very Insta-worthy and worth the cost of the trip, lol.

In the morning our friends came up and met us early to go to Slide Rock. This was something all of us were excited to do since we never had before and honestly it was extremely underwhelming and definitely the first and last time I'll be going. HAH, I wish I had better things to say but let's just say it looks much cooler in pictures.

The day before we were walking through the town and found this tiny little hot sauce shop that did free tastings (my dream come true!!!) but it was already closed for the night.

Fun fact: I love spicy foods && luckily so does Sam!

We made it our mission to stop in the next day. Thankfully, the hot sauce gods were watching out for us that day because it was open when we returned. YOU GUYS, if you like spicy foods or hot sauce at all, you have to try this. The lady was hilarious and even let us try the "spiciest" one that wasn't even supposed to be offered. We came, we tried, we conquered.....and thankfully no one cried. 

If you could only eat at one place while you're in Sedona you MUST check out The Hudson! We got the most amazing charcuterie board, food & drinks. Great service and our view wasn't half bad either! 

Check out more photos below of our trip & let me know where we should adventure to next!


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