Sugar, Sugar how'd you get so.....smooth?! #GIVEAWAY

Alright now let's talk sugaring, shall we?

So before you think I'm talking about candy, let me first tell you what sugaring actually is.

sug·ar·ing: a method of removing unwanted hair by applying a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water to the skin and then peeling it off together with the hair.

Sugaring is my all time favorite way to remove hair. I said goodbye to waxing almost three years ago and haven't looked back since. I recently sat down with Aimee Blake and her husband William Johner, the owners of Sugar Sugar, to get you guys all the details on this sweet service. Make sure you read all the way to the end to find out how to enter the giveaway!


Four years ago Aimee and William opened up their first location of Sugar Sugar in Scottsdale and as of earlier this year they now have a location in Central Phoenix. Now trust me when I say they are the BEST in town! I have consistently been going since November 2014 and have never had a bad experience.

Also, can we just note how freaking cute everything is?!

They offer everything from sugaring and organic spray tanning to facials and eyelash extensions. All of their products and services are organic, cruelty free and never tested on animals. 

You guys, they even make their own sugar paste! My mind was blown when Aimee told me they hired a chemist to create a product with safe, natural and clean know I love clean ingredients.

So what can you sugar? If you can grow hair there, you can sugar it! Everything from arms and eyebrows to *GASP* a full on Brazilian

We're about to get real personal here (sorry dad if you're reading this!) So I have been getting Brazilian bikini waxes since I was in high school. I remember literally DREADING my appointments so much that I would have to take Advil beforehand and lay there on the table holding back tears until she was done. I was willing to sacrifice this because I LOVED not having to worry about hair growing back for a few weeks. Beauty IS pain, right?

Fast forward to discovering Sugar Sugar. My extremely cool cousin who lives in Newport Beach was telling me I needed to try sugaring and that everyone in the OC was obsessed. Now if my cousin Leslee tells you to do something, you RUN and do it. She's always 10 years ahead of everyone with the next IT thing. 

I immediately went to google to find somewhere that offered sugaring and stumbled upon Sugar Sugar. I remember walking into my first appointment a little terrified and a little confused having zero clue what sugaring was. I literally thought it was like a sugar scrub and they just rubbed really hard to remove the hair, LOL. 

So I laid on the table and just assumed the worst was about to happen. I remember after the first little pull I opened my eyes and said "that's it?!" I was shocked!!! After so many years of pain, here was this incredible gift from the beauty gods! Now obviously its not painless but I would definitely say it is at least 50% less painful than waxing!


When I was waxing I had to go back for appointments every 3-4 weeks and with sugaring I can go as long as 5-6 weeks! Reason being when you sugar, your hair only needs to be grown out to 1/8th of an inch (waxing requires 1/4th). When you remove the hair in this phase you cause more trauma to its growth source resulting in a delayed regrowth! The hair that does come back is usually a lot softer and finer. #winning

I asked Aimee to share her top tips for preparing for a sugaring service:

  • Have at least 1/8th an inch of hair (if you have more, don't trim! They'll take care of it.)
  • Hydrate!! Drink lots of water so your skin is nice and plump.
  • Don't worry about a numbing cream, you won't need it.
  • Stay away from caffeine.
  • BE CONSISTENT! Each time gets easier. 
  • Exfoliate every 2-3 days after you get your service to ensure no ingrowns!
  • Aimee's motto: "You've just gotta wake up and say, 'today is the day!'"

So before we wrap this up I have to tell you about their organic airbrush tan. Spray tanning is another beauty service I am very familiar with. I've tried just about every tanning solution and formula on the market, no lie. 


First of all, it's freaking ORGANIC! I never really thought about the nasty chemicals that are in all of those solutions and how they can affect you... Think about it, your skin is your biggest organ and its not just topical when you're breathing in all those fumes...just sayin'. 

Anyone ever get a spray tan and love it for the first few days and then you get those nasty splotches around your elbow crease and chest that make you look like a crazy person?! Been there, done that, OVER IT.

This solution fades like a dream, I literally had to do a double take at myself in the mirror when I realized it had been 8 days and I never got splotchy!

I love Sugar Sugar so much I wanted to give you all a chance to try it out too! Go check out my latest Instagram for all the rules and details to enter the giveaway!

Winner will receive a free Organic Airbrush Tan (valued at $29) AND a free Brow Shaping which includes full consultation and sugar service (valued at $28) *Valid for Phoenix location only*

My main goal with this blog is to share things I truly love and believe in....Sugar Sugar is one of those. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and make sure you enter the giveaway!!!