OMG we bought a house!

If you're anything Mr. Kate OBSESSED like I am, you'll know where the inspo for this blog title came from. This little jingle has played through my head for the last 5 months throughout our home buying journey! If you don't know Mr. Kate, check her out here. I apologize in advance for the hours you're about to spend on YouTube watching her channel. ;)

ANYWAYS, back to the topic at hand. So one of the main reasons I finally decided to start my blog was because we just bought a house! I've gotten soooo many questions about our house, the process of finding it, how we chose where to look, seemed much easier to create a series on here dedicated to that! Let's get started with how we even found this gem...


We started searching a little over a year ago...that's right, a year. Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases of your life and not something you should do on a whim. I will say at the beginning we definitely were not ready to put an offer in on just any house. When I say we started our search, I mean we narrowed down areas we wanted to look, got a better idea of the market values of the homes and really started to understand what we could afford. I cannot stress enough how important it is to prioritize what you want, set your standards and not settle for just any old house.

Also, for those of you who don't know, I am a licensed real estate agent in AZ (if you need any help in that department you know who to call!) My dad has been in the business for 40 years, so I've got a pretty good teacher to look up to but, this also makes me VERY, VERY picky with what to look for in a house. 

Poor Sam would get SO excited about homes he would find on Zillow and I immediately found ten million things wrong with every single one. This went on for months LOL, what can I say? I know what I like! 


We were dead set on living in Arcadia, who wouldn't want to live there right?! Sam and I were living in our apartment in North Scottsdale, which we loved but it's also where we both grew up so we just wanted a change. The restaurants, the people, the vibes of Arcadia were just so much more US. 

Well, the price tag of Arcadia was definitely NOT us, LOL.

We knew that going into it so we were hoping to find an older house that needed some work and we could give it our own personal style. Well, again Arcadia is just saturated with flippers and pretty much impossible to find a fixer upper in our budget. If we did find anything worth pursuing it was gone in a day, literally. The market is actually on fire there, we couldn't even get close enough to touch it, haha. 


So, just when we almost lost all hope, Sam's dad introduced us to the best guy EVER. Literally our saving grace in this process! Jeremy Lentine of The Gluch Group has been flipping homes and honestly doing Phoenix a big favor for the last few years. His work is INSANE! He works alongside his wife, Adrianne of the Dream Book Design blog and together they make magic straight up HGTV status.

When we first met Jeremy at the house back in February, let's just say it looked a little different. Think NO walls, flooring or windows....basically taken to the studs. I remember Jeremy saying to walk in with your HGTV glasses on because it wasn't a pretty sight to begin with. We looked around, talked about the vision for the place and said "WE'LL TAKE IT!" I mean driving up and seeing the midcentury roof jaw dropped and I was literally tugging Sam's arm, begging him to let us get it. Haha but really that's how it happened! 

This is also the view we drove up to....which pretty much sealed the deal. 

We feel SO lucky because Jeremy's style was so similar to ours. I am such a sucker for anything midcentury, it's such a timeless style. Honestly, if I had to walk through one more house with builder grade, white shaker cabinets I was gonna scream, lol. Nothing against them, just not our style! 

Jeremy made the whole process extremely easy and stress free for us. Since we got in on the house so early we (aka me, TY babe for trusting my opinion!) got to choose the design finishes that had not already been ordered. This was SO much fun and really what in the end makes this house feel like OUR home!

If you're curious what the house looked like BEFORE it got its amazing face lift, head over to Adrianne's blog HERE she has a whole post with tons of before and after photos. I promise your jaw will drop!

I cannot wait to take you guys inside our home and show you all the little details. Stay tuned and subscribe for more posts from this's gonna be a fun one!