hey whatsup hello!

Hello there & welcome to the Desert Dreamer blog! You've either made your way here through my most recent Insta post or you're just creepin' through the world wide web...either way I'm happy you're here!

So for those of you who don't know me, my name is Kylie Ray. Most of my life people have thought that was just my first name but nope that is my full name. Fun fact: my middle name is only a letter, T...not tee or tea...just "T" and I love it. 

So why am I starting a blog and joining the millions of other "bloggers" out there? For starters, I have owned this domain for over two years now and decided to just GO FOR IT. Why am I so worried about what people will think? If you don't care then please don't feel like you need to keep reading!

And well, this may come off strong but I truly believe I have valuable information to share with the world. HAH, okay maybe not the whole world but even if it's just one person that my content reaches and helps, I will be happy.

Throughout my life I've been through plenty of trial and error with my health, BAD skin problems (I have some gnarly before and after photos, just you wait!), digestive issues, food allergies, good & bad beauty products...the list goes on and on....and ON. I'm super excited to share my stories and hope they can help you in one way or another.

As an AZ native, I've met SO SO many people here doing amazing things and living out their dreams. That's one thing I love to do...meet people and share passions. I literally thrive on helping others. Whether that's through supporting their business as a client or giving my own time and money back to those in need. With this blog I want to share my tried and trusted little black book of AZ contacts. You're suffering from adult acne? Look no further, my lady is MAGIC. You want to add natural fullness to your lips? I know the BEST gal in town. Looking to get your butt whipped in to shape, FAST? I think I know a person or two there, as well. ;)

But not only that, I am SO passionate about home decor and design. In addition to the above, my life has had a major change lately. My incredible boyfriend, Sam and I bought our first home together! There's a whole series coming on this so I don't want to spill too many of the deets but I wanted a place I could document all of our memories and OF COURSE the design process! Our house has SO much potential and I cannot wait to share how I dress this place up even more than it already is!

Quick story time: so the last semester of my senior year of high school I saw a psychic to help me figure out what the eff I was going to do with the rest of my life. (LOL like why was this necessary?) This psychic told me that in a past life I was a street vendor that sold meat and some of the meat I sold was tainted (ummmm???) so I guess I had to figure out a way to tell as many people as I could at one time about the sketchy meat. I had just applied for the Walter Cronkite school of journalism at Arizona State and this was basically the psychic's way of confirming I was doing the right thing by going into broadcast journalism....telling a large audience "breaking news". Clever. To make a longer story short, this was NOT the degree I graduated with...thank you psychic. ;)

Fast forward, I now agree with this lady. I do believe I have a purpose in this world telling large audiences stories, tips & tricks....but I think I'll leave out the spoiled meat on this blog, HA. 

So after a very long introduction (I love to ramble) WELCOME to the Desert Dreamer! A place for advice, realness, a grammatical error or two and a whole lot of fun.